Get INvolved!

GALA needs great alumni like you to get involved!

emory pride paradeGet involved, plan ahead, or simply show up and meet the members.

GALA plans several events each year, including social events like the much-anticipated Blue Jean Brunch at Emory Homecoming Weekend, and GALA coordinates Emory’s presence at the annual Atlanta Pride Festival. We currently have active GALA groups in Atlanta and New York.

For more information about how you can get involved, please contact one of the local GALA group leaders in your area:

Atlanta New York
Aby Parsons 13G and Scot Seitz 10C, Co-Chairs Matthew Kerrigan 10B, Chair
Markbradley Kitay 14B, Secretary
Ryan Rusiecki 15C and Robert Malmborg 67C , Volunteers-at-Large
Governance Document

Steering and Newsletter Committee Members:

Lilly Correa 73C
Rachelle Lehner 89C
Andy Ratto 13G
Maury Weil 68C
J. Hoyt Young 64C 67M

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