GALA Celebrates With Social Events

GALA’s 2017 annual Summer Social was a wonderful event! Originally planned for the backyard deck at the home of Jerry Lowery, the heat of late August drove the crowd of approximately 40 alums, undergrads and guests to take shelter inside.

Undeterred, the party went on for hours. Good food and drink obviously contributed to the success of the event. However, great conversation and fellowship were the order of the day. The party was a great time to embrace the ending summer as we began making plans for another academic year.

Meeting again for fellowship, GALA took to Cox’s Ballroom on October 21st to celebrate our annual Blue Jean Brunch. Every year during Emory’s Homecoming week, GALA gathers to celebrate the diverse, unified and loving place that instilled in us not only academic excellence, but also excellence in morality, compassion, and justice for all people, regardless of background. This year we had a turnout of upwards of 30 people of all ages. Among the attendees was Emory’s new Provost, Dwight McBride. A recent appointment to Emory, Provost McBride mingled and greeted the crowd, speaking of how excited he is to work with Emory’s nine schools and colleges to promote a curriculum of academic excellence and inclusivity. Provost McBride’s 2017 summer arrival at Emory invites a sense of change and encouragement across the Emory community, and we are eager to see in which direction he will take our alma mater.

GALA’s annual Theater Outing was held on February 8th at Actor’s Express. This year’s show was Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer-winning play, Angels in America Part 1. Over 20 GALA alums and guests gathered for wine, cheese, and sandwiches before the performance. During the two intermissions, the group continued to return to the table for more food and wine as the evening progressed. It was a fantastic outing!

Coming up on the GALA social calendar is the Pride Awards on February 28th. After that, look out for plans for another great Summer Social.


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