Update From Office of LGBT Life

We wrapped the year up nicely here in the Office of LGBT Life! The second semester of this school year definitely flew by, but not without our slipping in some final programming!

In early April, the office’s professional staff participated in Emory Pride’s first Pride Faculty/Staff dinner. Along with several other out faculty and staff across Emory, we had the opportunity to connect with students, share our experiences, and offer guidance on navigating being out on a college campus.

To foster community among our Queer Discussion Groups (QDG), we hosted an end-of-year gathering in the office with food, snacks, and games. Over 25 people turned out, and almost a dozen signed up to be QDG facilitators next year! We are thrilled about how these groups are taking off!  (Picture Above)

As we prepared to close on a great year, we hosted Study Nights from reading day through the last day of finals, fully stocked with refreshments, coloring pages, and 2 dozen shades of nail polish!

During commencement ceremonies, we housed a regalia donation box, in collaboration with the First Generation Low-Income Partnership, in an effort to encourage students to return caps, gowns, stoles, and other pieces of regalia they don’t plan to use in the future.

Finally, we administered and gathered data on a needs assessment for the office, incentivizing with a chance to win one of ten $10 Barnes and Noble gift cards. Focused on understanding how we could better serve students, improve programming, and provide a more inclusive space, the needs assessment will help to shed light on our current practices. We will be sure to keep GALA up to speed on the results.

Looking forward, we are eager to begin planning and calendaring for the next academic year, and excited to have a bit of quiet time this summer to do so. As the DUC continues to undergo construction, we will keep everyone abreast of our office hours and any other updates via social media and email.

As always, Director Danielle Bruce Steele and Emory’s Office of LGBT Life would like to extend their thanks to GALA for continuing to support the work we do within the community. We would never be able to have such successful programming without your help! Please contact Danielle Bruce Steele at dmsteel@emory.edu if you are interested in being more involved with the Office of LGBT Life. You can also keep up-to-date with our activities through our Facebook page.



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