Annual GALA Theater Outing

On March 26th, approximately 20 GALA alumni and friends gathered at Actor’s Express to view Matthew Lopez’s 2015 play, The Legend of Georgia McBride. As always, prior to the curtain, we enjoyed a light party of wine & cheese , snacks — and, of course, great fellowship.

The play is a hilarious comedy about a straight, married, young Elvis Impersonator who struggles to support his family. Encouraged by his wife, however, he very reluctantly finds a true path to prosperity by performing drag in a Floridian Dive Bar…and he’s really good at it!

Our group had a great time. We also learned about a Gay theater group named Gays for Plays ( This is a social group highlighting year round, local, LGBT theater. You can contact Warren Gump (97B) for more information.

Coming up on the GALA social calendar is our annual Summer Social. This year we will be guests at the home of alum Gerry Lowrey for a party on his deck. Don’t worry. If it rains or is too hot, we’ll just go inside. The exact date of the party is not yet finalized, but will be on a weekday evening in July or August. We’ll let you know when the registration page is available online.

And you should save the date of October 21st for our Annual Blue Jean Brunch during Homecoming. You don’t want to miss that!


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