Letter From Co-Chair

At Emory we were all taught to seek truth.  No matter the degree or year received, or where we spent our time in the vast Emory community, we researched and studied to improve our own lives and for those around us.

2017 has thus far been filled with misinformation, and not always with the best intent.  But as I look below national and international politics, I am reminded of the consistent truths that surround me every day:  the start of Spring Semester and Emory students preparing to make their mark on this world, the upcoming Pride Awards where we celebrate the accomplishments of many of them, and even the recent Valentine’s Day Holiday where we are reminded to Measure our Lives in Love.

At the foundation of these annual events is the culture of the Emory community.  GALA’s commitment to inclusion is unyielding.  It inspires my interaction with colleagues, family, friends, and most recently strangers I meet while traveling; LGBT+, allies, or even not so much allies, inclusion requires compassion and a desire to understand where others are coming from.

I hope that each of us can rely on the culture of our communities in our own search for truth.  Together we will live 2017 to the fullest.

Markbradley Kitay


GALA:  Emory LGBT Alumni


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