Once-Silenced Voices Speak through Chelsea Station Editions

Chelsea Station Editions-Rose Frame Color @300 dpiLGBTQ literature has a new champion in Chelsea Station Editions, the publishing house founded by Jameson Currier 77C.

After September 11, 2001, “gay literature became a niche market,” notes Jameson Currier 77C. “I began to examine the place of gay men in the world, with a particular focus on the crimes and injustices committed against us individually and as a community.” Currier, a writer known for his perceptive observations and unflinchingly raw honesty about the AIDS epidemic, knew he could take action to make a difference in the LGBTQ world.

CS Mag coverChelsea Station Editions began publishing gay and lesbian interest literature in 2010, and the following year the press launched the literary magazine, Chelsea Station, now a popular online destination. “The purpose of the press is simple: to promote and share literary voices that have never been found or heard before,” he explains, speaking as the company’s founder, publisher, and editor. “We fill a real need in the industry.”

Since its inception as a publisher, Chelsea Station Editions has launched more than 50 books by LGBTQ authors, many debuting their work for the first time. “What’s so rewarding is that our books have gotten attention from well-respected organizations like Lambda Literary and the American Library Association,” Currier says. “It’s been exhausting and exhilarating.”

Jameson Currier, Michael Graves, Charles Silverstein at the Rainbow Book Fair.

Jameson Currier, Michael Graves, Charles Silverstein at the Rainbow Book Fair.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about submitting your work to Chelsea Station Editions here. Follow the publisher on Facebook.

–Michelle Valigursky


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