Brian Tolleson 94C says “BARK BARK”

Brian Tolleson

Brian Tolleson


With a daily To Do list of making video magic for zombies and laundry detergent, packaged goods and Ziploc® bags, design celebrities and Hollywood blockbusters and so much more, BARK BARK Productions tackles and creates global brand integration campaigns. Emmy Award-nominated founding partner Tolleson describes his “deeper and smarter” concept. “Advertising shouldn’t be an interruptive message,” Tolleson explains. “We integrate product branding, helping our clients work together with television shows to

BARK BARK for AMC and Microsoft

BARK BARK for AMC and Microsoft

create associated consumer affiliations for their brands.” He cites as examples the brand integration of HGTV Home’s David Bromstad and Sherwin-Williams paint, or Bravo’s Real Housewives andTitanic in 3D. “For the consumer, we create a natural connection between the two entities.”

Tolleson has designed a unique business model for his globally-recognized company. “We built BARK BARK to help advertisers reach consumers where content lives – commercials should enhance people’s lives and authentically communicate to the audience you’re speaking to. And the best way to do that is through the content they are already watching, already consuming, and already enjoying.” BARK BARK “knows how to get alongside the content and help you be a part of it. That’s what brand integration is all about, and that’s what we do.”

Brian Tolleson quote

Read the complete interview article in EmoryWire, and stay tuned to the GALA Outwrite blog for more exciting LGBTQ news from Tolleson in the months ahead. 


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