Update from the Office of LGBT Life

The 2013-14 academic year ended with an amazing cohort of LGBT students graduating from Emory. The next stop on their journeys includes graduate schools, residencies, Teach for America, law school, medical school, and a wide range of professional careers. Graduation also brought another accolade to Dohyun Ahn 14C, the 2012-13 GALA Leadership Award Recipient. Dohyun received the Boisfeuillet Jones Medal for his “good citizenship, outstanding leadership, devoted service to Emory and the community, academic performance, and potential to become a ‘Change Agent’ in their chosen profession and society at large.” Many other LGBT leaders on campus were inducted into the Emory Alumni Association’s 2014 100 Student Honorary.

This summer the Office of LGBT Life hosted two interns. Christian Harrison was a graduate student from Colorado State University. Christian spent the summer developing the curriculum and facilitator training materials for the Office’s new Q-Tips program. In addition, Christian worked on additional resources for transgender students. Scott Brown was a graduate student from the University of Georgia. Scott coordinated documents and other measures of evidence for the Office of LGBT Life’s upcoming internal review. He also developed a process for the internal review team to utilize the Council on the Advance of Standards of Higher Education.

office lgbtExciting Developments for the New Academic Year

The Office of LGBT Life will launch a new series of educational programs call Q-Tips this fall. These peer-led programs will provide education to students and staff in campus groups and departments,in small, more accessible workshop format, focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of gender and sexuality. Q-Tips will also provide student facilitators (Q-Leaders) with opportunities to increase their own facilitation skills.

The Office is also supporting the development of two new student groups for African American and Christian students with LGBT identities. Over the last five years, the Office has provided advising, space, and monetary support for other new and developing student groups. This enables students to explore the level of interest before seeking formal charters through the Student Government Association. Other groups supported by the Office include Queer and Asian, Transforming Emory, and LGBTQ Muslim Students of Emory.

support lgbt life @emoryThe Office of LGBT Life will also work this year to complete its professional development programming on campus. This year the “OUT In…” series will be complete with the launch of OUT in Business in the spring of 2015. This program will bring together alumni with undergraduate and graduate students for an evening of networking. Other programs in this series include OUT@Work, Out in Healthcare, Out in Law, and Out in Faith. If you are interested in hosting one of these evening networking events, please contact Dr. Michael Shutt at mshutt@emory.edu.

The Director of the Office of LGBT Life, Dr. Michael Shutt, will be taking on additional responsibilities for the 2014-15 academic year. Shutt was named Interim Sr. Director for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and was charged with bringing together the Center for Women, Office of Multicultural Programs and Services, Office of International Student Life, and Office of LGBT Life into a new center. This reorganization will enable all of these offices to work more collaboratively to meet the needs of all students.

As always, Alumni involvement continues to benefit our students. Contact Michael Shutt at mshutt@emory.edu if you are interested in hosting the OUT in Law, OUT in Business, OUT in Faith, and/or OUT in Health Networking Nights during the 2014-15 academic year!


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