Reimagining Campus Life

Emory's quadrangle. Image source: Wikimedia.

Emory’s quadrangle. Image source: Wikimedia.

GALA is excited to learn about the recent changes to the Division of Campus Life that will give the Office of LGBT Life more opportunities to collaborate with other offices dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

At the start of this past academic year, the Division of Campus Life unveiled a new vision, mission, and credo that served as the beginning point for an exciting process of growth and opportunity.  One of the important projects that emerged from the new vision and mission was the need to strengthen community building at Emory.

Key priorities include academic engagement, social justice, professional development, the Dobbs University Center renovation, dining, sexual violence prevention, student safety, recreation, community development, financial services, development and alumni relations, and retention and academic success.

In June, Dean of Campus Life, Ajay Nair, announced changes intended to promote success among Campus Life staff and facilitate a more collaborative working environment.

Among the new organizational changes is the establishment of a new “Center for Diversity and Inclusion,” that includes the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Life, the Center for Women, the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services, and the Office of International Student Life.  Michael Shutt, Assistant Dean of Campus Life and Director of the Office of LGBT Life, has been appointed the interim Senior Director of the Center.



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