Marriage Equality in Georgia – July 2014 Update

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Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit in April on behalf of seven Georgia residents. For more on the case, listen to a Georgia Public Broadcasting interview from the program On the Story. The interview is available here.

Attorney General Sam Olens, representing the state registrar, said in a filing Monday, July 21, 2014, that the suit takes away Georgia residents’ right to define marriage; and as such, he is asking a federal judge to dismiss the suit and let Georgia’s ban on same -sex marriage stand.

What will the law books say in the future?

What will the law books say in the future?

Many court challenges and decisions will be expected in the near future, as both federal and state laws are involved.  Therefore state and federal courts and appeal courts will be issuing decisions. If the Supreme Court decides to accept an appeal for one of the marriage equality cases, it could weigh in as well.

For more information on same sex marriage bans and legalizations in the states, this link provides a good overview.


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